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HotSpot Shield-a software that we can use to protect your Internet connection, by way of encrypting data traffic, so we were browsing activity becomes safer. The browser has been integrated with the software will perform encrypted connection to the server HotSpot Shield Elite, change all http traffic to https safer. With melaukan reroute web traffic and give a new ip address (proxy *) are hosted by AnchorFree. The company ensures that the data traffic is secure and can not be hacked with MITM attacks (Man In The Middle) or network-spoofing. However, by using HotSpot Shield Elite 2.78 Full Version, will cause your internet connection slowed.
How to Install HotSpot Shield Elite:
  • Run the patch, then type Y to start the patch. Patch needs to be done to block access to advertising websites, banners, etc. 
  • Install HotSpot Shield Elite application of its 2.78 
  • completed
NOTE: If the patch can not, you can use the manual way by editing the hosts file located at C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc, add the following line:

if you want to download this file, you can download this file in the link below :